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Thanks for engaging with me at Lead Like This. The aim of this site is to help Christian teachers and leaders grow in their ability to teach from and toward the glory of God. This is the practice of biblical integration.

You will find meaningful content about teaching, education, worldview, leadership, theology, worship and more here.  The goal is that all the material here will help you grow as a thinker and a leader. The posts you read will be devotional, personal, thoughtful, theological and practical.

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Along with teaching classes in Bible, worldview, and worship, Dr. Kelly Hayes heads up biblical integration efforts at The King’s Academy in Florence, SC. He has worked as pastor and teacher in a number of different environments and groups that have spanned age, size and region. He has been educated at Liberty University  and Southern Seminary. Kelly is married to Jessica.

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  1. It is such a blessing to experience your trained hand on the worship leading for our group. Very few people know of your thoughtful preparation and leading of the music for our very small group. You treat us with the same care as if you were leading the Sunday morning service for all 300-400 worshipers.

    1. Thanks David! I appreciate the encouragement. And you know well that worship-leading is not about the size of the group, but the worth of God. I am grateful to be able to be a part of such a meaningful ministry.
      – Kelly

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