Professional Development

Does your school need help in implementing a unified vision for biblical integration? Do you need a concrete place to start? Or do you need tools to help your school take its academic discipleship to the next level?

Dr. Kelly Hayes has experience offering interactive, thought-provoking professional development in various environments (including a multi-part track at ACSI’s PD Forum). If you are interested professional development or consulting for your school’s staff, faculty, or leadership team, please fill out the form below. Some specific potential ideas to consider include:

  • The Every Bush is Burning training [training teachers to become “incarnational, intentional instigators” through vision-casting, syllabus development, and worldview-conflict skills]
  • Biblical integration skill-development workshops [designing an integrated syllabus, integrated unit planning, integrated rubrics/assessments, Bible study/interpretation skills for teachers, etc.]
  • Biblical integration development with school leaders [teaching the core ideas of biblical integration to select school leaders so that they can, in turn, provide regular training/support to their staff]
  • Subject-specific trainings for academic departments [STEM/STEAM, high school, elementary teachers, English/Writing, Math, etc.]