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Does your school need help in implementing a unified vision for biblical integration? Do you need a concrete place to start? Or do you need tools to help your school take its academic discipleship to the next level? Dr. Kelly Hayes has developed Biblical Integration Made Simple for you!

How does it work?

Find out more about this 15-lesson, resource-rich, practical, understandable, transformative course by watching the video and reviewing the content below.

Syllabus [training teachers to become “incarnational, intentional instigators” through vision-casting, syllabus development, and worldview-conflict skills]



01: Starting with Honesty

02: A Vision of Success

The Incarnational Teacher

03: Understanding Incarnation

04: Reenacting the Gospel

The Intentional Teacher (coming soon!)

05: The Bible and Biblical Integration

06: How to Handle Our Weapon – What Not to Do

07: How to Handle Our Weapon – What to Do

08: Integration Helps the Teacher and Student

09: Purposeful Course Design

10: It’s Not an Add-On When It’s in the DNA

11: Assessment and Biblical Integration

The Instigating Teacher (coming soon!)

12: Healthy Conflict and the Teacher as Trainer

13: Essential Conflict Questions

14: Designing Conflict Questions and Strategies

15: You Are the System

How can I get started?

Understand the requirements. Make sure that you review the syllabus above.

Make a plan. Asynchronous online learning requires a plan to succeed. Do you need to create a schedule? One lesson per week over the course of a semester could work. Do you need a learning partner? Find someone else to join you.  

Begin! There is no reason to wait.

How can I get credit for my work?

CEUs. This training is new. I will be pursuing various avenues with the goal of getting it approved for CEU credit.

Christian Philosophy of Education (CPoE). I am hoping to develop processes through which a teacher could complete the ACSI’s CPoE requirement through this online training.

How can I support Kelly Hayes for creating this free training?

Encourage others to use this free course and enact what you have learned. The best thing you can do for me is to help teachers by point them to the course. I want it to be useful. 

Purchase my book or write a review of it. The electronic version of my book is free, but you can purchase the paperback as well. This helps me. And Amazon-reviews of the book also help a lot (and they only cost a little bit of your time). 

If, after reading this page, you think, “Hmmm, this sounds cool, but I don’t want to do this whole training,” that is no problem! You can still peruse the material in each lesson. And I want to offer you my book below. I pray that you find it useful.