The internet is filled with many voices crying authoritatively and loudly on the topics of academics, ministry, Christian education, and biblical integration. As is the case with all things, some sources are better than others. I want you to be confident of the quality and reliability of the material you find here at LeadLikeThis. To that end, here are some endorsements from a variety of leaders, teachers, and professors that highlight the benefits of the material you can find on this site, in Kelly’s books, and in his trainings.

You can be sure that all of Kelly’s materials will be a practical, biblical benefit to you, your school, and your students.

“Every Christian teacher knows deep down that their faith needs to be more than a devotion attached to a classroom experience. There are resources that explain why faith should be integrated into the classroom. There are resources that explain how it might be done. Dr. Kelly Hayes has gone a step further and shown how it can be done.”
– Danny R. Bowen, PhD
Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Discipleship

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Helping your staff press into the discipleship mission of your school will inspire, encourage, and make a lasting impact.

“I do mid-year conferences with each of our teachers, and by far and away the most notable staff development presentation this year has been the day Kelly came to visit with us and teach about biblical integration.”
– Katherine Cannon, MEd
Head of School

Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach

Connecting with LeadLikeThis can help your staff stay inspired. The regularly updated materials inspire creativity, spark passion, and encourage team growth.

“Being a Christian educator has been a passion of mine since I started teaching. Biblical integration in my classroom is something that I strive to do on a daily basis, if not through my lessons directly, then through interactions with my students and assisting in guiding them through the path God has them on. Sometimes you need the inspiration to help you move along and innovatively biblically integrate. Thankfully, Kelly sends out weekly articles to help the teachers on campus gain new insight and understanding of biblical integration and Christian education. LeadLikeThis has been a great resource for us to collectively go to and learn new perspectives and ideas on biblical integration.”
– Ashley Nolette
High School/Dual Enrollment English Teacher

The King’s Academy

Kelly’s site, books, and trainings are useful for all Christian teachers. Regardless of age, experience, subject matter, or setting, this material can help.

“Kelly’s insights into biblical integration with my online Spanish curriculum design has been of incredible help to me as I ponder how to ensure that the connection with Scripture and the language learning process is always in mind. His posts have been inspirational to me to think beyond grammar and vocabulary — why does language study and making connections to people of other cultures matter to God, what are the essential truths that language learning reflect about who God is, and how is God glorified by the development of our listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish? Kelly’s posts are always inspiring and thought-provoking; they cause me, every time I read one, to take a step back and ask myself, Am I integrating the biblical worldview clearly and well here? Am I holding students accountable for their integrated learning? What elements am I missing? And how can I point students to Jesus, grow them through the language learning process and their skill development? I’m so thankful for Kelly’s commitment to come alongside teachers of all subjects to help us become teachers who are focused on highlighting God’s glory in our course content.
– Dawn Strickland, MAT, MEd
Curriculum Designer; Occupational Spanish Instructor; Former Teacher in Public and Christian Schools; Former College Educator