What is Biblical Integration?

What makes Christian education Christian? This is a key question for all involved in this kind of ministry–parents, teachers, administrators, etc.

A school (or homeschool) is not Christian because of the presence of a Bible curriculum, devotional time, or chapel service. Those things could be easily tacked onto an otherwise secular schooling experience. Education can rightly be considered Christian only when all material is taught from and toward the glory of God.

I teach it like this… “Biblical integration is teaching all things with active recognition of God’s character, nature, and work. It is teaching from and toward the reality and glory of God. It is not creating biblical connections, but noting, investigating, and celebrating the connections that already exist through Christ.”

It is the permeating worldview that helps students think Christianly, live faithfully, and mature into the men and women that God has created them to be. Everything from science and math, music and art, language and history can be means to better understand God and God’s world. The posts on this site are designed to help educators grow into effective biblical integrators.

For a robust investigation into biblical integration, please check out my book Every Bush is Burning: A Practical Theology of Biblical Integration on Amazon.