The Power of Reminders to You and Your Students

Recently, one of our science teachers was out for a little while and I substituted in that class for a period. I was encouraged to see the following sign posted up in the classroom.

There are many things that I love about this sign. Here is a list:

  1. It is handwritten, and clearly has been changed over time. This means that the teacher is regularly thinking about what the students need to know about how God works in this area.
  2. It is prominent. Therefore, the message stands out and proclaims the truth to teacher and the students.
  3. It is specific. It doesn’t just say, “God is the designer of all things.” That is a true statement, but this sign brings more clarity and connection to the class.

What reminders can you put in your room to remind you and your students that your material points to God? (It could be a sign, but you might also use other objects, pictures, etc.)

Is it possible to make those reminders adjustable so that they can be tweaked as you move through the year? (This can help the students see how worldview ideas are connected.)

How can you zoom in to remind the class of specific truths related to your material, rather than sharing at the broadest level?

A small reminder can make a big difference.

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