Seeking and Supporting Truth: The Scientific Method

Biblical integration in every subject is a little different because every subject is different. This is a good thing—all subjects show the greatness of God differently; all subjects better equip us to live for Him in unique ways. This is very clear when it comes to skills and processes. For example, learning a foreign language will better equip a student to understand others and share Christ with them. Learning to cook will better equip a student to love the poor, love family, and serve in a variety of capacities related to hospitality. Likewise, the scientific method (and related science-thinking) provides a skill. It sharpens students’ abilities to propose hypotheses, use logic, accurately measure, and solve problems. All of these skills are used to seek and support truths.


Christians are sometimes characterized as people who care more about faith than truth. However, this is inaccurate. There is no conflict between the two. We have faith because of truth. Jesus Himself came in grace and truth (John 1:14) and identified Himself as the truth (John 14:6). Science is a powerful tool in seeking the truth about God’s world, ourselves, and, inferentially, about God Himself.

The scientific method is a specific form of inquiry. We use it to seek truth. An example would be seeking to understand a disease like Polio. Researchers and doctors investigated the nature, characteristics, and causes of Polio. They had to systematically discover what it was.

This is one element of STEAM-thinking that, by nature, supports biblical integration: the scientific method is a search for truth. However, the use of the scientific method does not stop with understanding.


The scientific method helps us understand how we can move forward as God’s people. We not only use the scientific method to understand the world, but also to impact it in ways that represent and please God. We can present hypotheses about solving problems — caring for creation, subduing the earth, taking care of orphans and widows, etc. Think back to our discussion Polio; once we understand the disease, we can apply the scientific method to curing and preventing it. And that is exactly what happened. Researchers and doctors were able to effectively love their neighbors by understanding and acting on the disease.


All STEAM-students should be seeking the truth and looking to support others when by acting in light of the truth. The scientific method is a tool that is powerful far beyond the science class. It teaches students to seek truth and to solve problems. STEAM-subjects provide a framework for living the Christian life successfully.

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