You Can Do This!: Some Tools to Help

Teaching is hard.

Our job is busy. We may be stressed and frazzled. We know that teaching biblical truth is a big responsibility, and we already have many heavy responsibilities in our daily work with students. Is biblical integration just one more more thing to add to my overflowing to-do list?

We know that it is not. Biblical integration is what makes Christian education Christian. However, we need to do more than integrate… we need to do it well.

A huge problem arises when biblical integration is not actually biblical. The way that we ensure that we are on the right track is to rightly understand and apply God’s Word. This can sometimes seem intimidating or difficult for teachers. So here are a few links to a great audio series called “Help Me Teach the Bible.” They are very helpful guides on key topics that will help us better understand the Bible and what it means in our classroom. You can download these and listen in the car, play them on your computer while you enter grades, or just try to listen to one each week.

And, as you are learning and growing, don’t forget that this is a process. God is working in the lives of your students, and He is working in your life too! Press on to grow in serving Him more and more faithfully. He is faithful to help you on the journey.

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