Help for Science Teachers

This post is meant to highlight the great tools that you can access (for free!) from FASTly (Faith And Science Teaching).  We will get to activities and lesson plans, but, before that, watch this short video to get a picture of what FASTly is all about.

Science is one of the most important subjects of our day. It is highly valued in our society. It drives much of our commerce and allows avenues for creativity and curiosity. For biblical integrators, science is a key field because it is focused on examining and understanding the world that God has made. We can better understand the Law-Maker through his physical laws. We can better understand the Author of Life by looking into the various lifeforms He has made, the ways that He sustains them, and the way they work together.

Click here to view FASTly’s Activity Maps to help you thoughtfully practice biblical integration with science in ways that will connect well with your students. Let me emphasize: these are integrated activities. The value in activity is immense because students are not just hearing about integration. Instead, they are engaging in it—they are exploring it for themselves. I would highly encourage you to look at Activity Maps that relate to your science subject, download some of the tools, examine some the articles, look at the sample lesson plans. There is so much there! (PowerPoints, worksheets, Bible helps, etc.)

Whether you are working on a more integrated syllabus for next year or trying to find a good activity for your class right now, this is a helpful tool to have in your toolbox.

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